Wizamet Iridium Super doble edge blades for sale

Wizamet Iridium Super double edge blades for sale


Welcome to Super Iridium Blades

Please be welcomed to SuperIridiumBlades.com

My name is Emilio (A.K.A. Milo) and I live in the small city of Caceres in Spain. Some of you may have already meet me in any given web forum about classic shaving.
Here at  SuperIridiumBlades.com You will be able to buy the finest double edge blades:  Super Iridium, Polsilver Super Iridium and Polsilver.

Much has been written about the no longer produced Super Iridium double edge blades and there are loads of data in the internet about them .

For many of the connoisseurs/wet shavers  they are simply the best blades ever manufactured because their sharpness is close to the Japanese Feathers  but the Super Iridiums  are just as smooth as it gets.

They provide premium performance, sharpness and comfort along their extended lifespan.

I’m proud to say I’ve provided some hundreds of happily satisfied customers with my blades.

All packs shipped with tracking number for Worldwide (of course the U.S.A., Canada and Australia!)

Pedidos para España y Portugal, consultar precios.


CapnPanther said...

Recently purchased 250 Super Iridiums from Emilio and could not be happier with the transaction. His communication was superb, the package is easily tracked through the links he provided or using the USPS website, and delivery to the East Coast of the US took little more than a week. Highly recommend Emilio to anyone interested in purchasing his products. He's a to-notch vendor and a super guy.

CapnPanther on B&B

Jach said...

I purchased some Super Iridiums and Polsilver Super Iridium and they're just superb! Killing sharp yet smooth and provide the finest shaves.
Emilio's service is kind and always happy to solve any incident it may occur.
Thanks, Emilio!

zumo del tio said...

Hi Emilio

from Cartagena,
2 adults
4 children
and 6 cats

we wish you the best of luck in this new

a big hug.


George sagev said...

Amazing! These SI blades are a must have for every wet-shaver out there. Super smooth and durable. Finished my fourth shave today and I've experienced zero irritation. Milo is a top of the line vendor with a great product and outstanding service. 9 days from Spain to Sin City. Thanks Milo, 2nd order has been placed!

kennettfamily said...

Great service from Emilio, I've purchased Super Iridiums and had them shipped to Dubai and Canada. No trouble at all. Buy with confidence.

TauCeti said...

I ordered the pack of 100 Polsilver SI + 100 SI and the blades arrived on US shores very quickly.

During the order process Emilio was pleasant to speak with and prompt in responding.

Ajax Lepinski said...

My Super Iridium blades arrived in 8 days (Spain to New York, USA). Milo provides excellent communication, fast service and fabulous razor blades. I will be ordering again soon!

amir sohag said...

I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts,
thought I would say thank you for all the great content.
Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.

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Charles D. Mancuso said...

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Md Jasim said...

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