Wizamet Iridium Super doble edge blades for sale

Wizamet Iridium Super double edge blades for sale


Super Iridiums and Polsilver Super Iridiums available again in large quantities!

I renewed my stock and have plenty of Super Iridium and Polsilver Super Iridium blades.

During the upcoming weeks if you buy a Pack#1, a Pack#2 or a Pack#3 you can choose whatever bath soap you want from this list:

Spanish bath soap: La Toja, Magno and Agua de Lavanda.

Bulgarian bath soap: Rose of Bulgaria.

Portuguese bath Soap (Ach. Brito and Confiança): Lavanda, Musgo Real, Chipre Imperial, Alfazema do Monte, Veleiro.

Others bath soaps: Asepso Gentle, Asepso Sport.

Many thanks for all the interest received from around the world !

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