Wizamet Iridium Super doble edge blades for sale

Wizamet Iridium Super double edge blades for sale



To make small orders easier I’m offering sale deals as long as my current stock last or December 31.

During the upcoming weeks if you buy a Pack#1 or a Pack#3 you can choose whatever bath soap you want from this list:
  • Spanish bath soaps: La Toja, Magno and Agua de Lavanda.
  • Bulgarian bath soap: Rose of Bulgaria.
  • Portuguese bath soaps (Ach. Brito and Confiança): Lavanda, Musgo Real, Chipre Imperial, Chipre Flores, Alfazema do Monte, Veleiro.
  • Others bath soaps: Asepso Gentle, Asepso Sport.
Thank you very much for the support given from all over the world.
Warm wishes for you and your families in this lovely year ending time.

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