Wizamet Iridium Super doble edge blades for sale

Wizamet Iridium Super double edge blades for sale


Small Wizamet Iridium blades batch received!!

Dear friends:
I´ve finally gotten a small batch of Wizamet Iridium Super blades shown in the pic below, so in the coming days I´m contacting everyone has contacted me in the last months to properly inform on how to proceed.
Thanks so much in advance!!


News coming soon!!

I'm almost certainly supplying Wizamet Iridium Super blades in 1-2 months if I previously received emails from wetshavers showing interest because the big issue with Wizamet Iridium Super blades is it is difficult to achieve them and my supplier needs a minimum quantity for him to be worthwhile.

In adittion, as I already have interesting stuff such as:
Polsilver Stainless blades
White box Gillette Platinum blades
Vintage La Toja after-shave lotion
La Toja Manantiales eau de toilette
I think I´m doing some combo parcels  in order to make it more attractive.
Thanks so much in advance and sorry for my English.