Wizamet Iridium Super doble edge blades for sale

Wizamet Iridium Super double edge blades for sale


News coming soon!!

I'm almost certainly supplying Wizamet Iridium Super blades in 1-2 months if I previously received emails from wetshavers showing interest because the big issue with Wizamet Iridium Super blades is it is difficult to achieve them and my supplier needs a minimum quantity for him to be worthwhile.

In adittion, as I already have interesting stuff such as:
Polsilver Stainless blades
White box Gillette Platinum blades
Vintage La Toja after-shave lotion
La Toja Manantiales eau de toilette
I think I´m doing some combo parcels  in order to make it more attractive.
Thanks so much in advance and sorry for my English.